Monday, November 7, 2016

Easy Steps to Get Your Home Ready For A Thanksgiving Crowd or Party of Two

Open your home to Thanksgiving Day guests
with my easy tips to add a festive note.
If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving Day feast this year for a big crowd or simply a party of two, then be sure to follow these easy tips to make your home a warm and wonderful backdrop for all the festivities:
First things first: Showcase the public spaces in your home where visitors will gather. This means the kitchen, living room, dining room, family room and guest bathroom. Tidy up these areas. Pressed for time? Hire a housekeeper to give your home a thorough cleaning before the big day.
Decide your Thanksgiving vibe: Informal or formal? This will help you plan your party accordingly. For a formal yet inviting look, pull out the fine china, silverware, crystal and cloth napkins.
For a more formal gathering on Thanksgiving,
pull out the fine china, cloth napkins and other finery to elevate the look. 
Add place cards, too, especially for a large gathering. If a more casual setting is desired, then be playful in your decorating choices. Fluff up the pillows on the sofa and add some plush throws so guests can dine or watch the game on TV.  Board games, too, amp up the fun.
Think about the color palette for not only your holiday tablescape, but also your soft furnishings, floral arrangements and home accents in other rooms. Although the traditional orange and rich brown theme is quite lovely, dare to go outside your comfort zone. Why not experiment with other colors, such as creamy mix of white, beige and pale green? 

  Go for the flower power. Visit the flower market the day before Thanksgiving and scoop up what’s in season.
Harness the power of flowers this Thanksgiving.
Call your florist now to schedule arrangements and their delivery to your abode.
Or call your florist and have your Thanksgiving arrangements delivered. Tip: Make sure centerpieces are low enough so guests can see each other and easily converse at the dinner table. 
Don’t forget about the importance of lighting. If your dinner is during the day, throw open the drapes to let natural light fill your home. Dining in the evening?
Candles add seasonal loveliness.
Just be sure the scent isn't cloying.
Add candles to create an incredible sense of coziness in your home. Just be sure the scents aren’t cloying. You’ll want the scent of the delicious foods to fill your space.

Select background music that will appeal to all age groups and tastes. Keep the volume down. 

  Lastly, make sure you — as the hostess or host extraordinaire — are relaxed and prepared. Select your outfit for Thanksgiving ahead of time.

Make sure your fashion choices are clean and pressed. I suggest a manicure and hair styling appointment earlier in the Thanksgiving week, so you can enjoy the holiday feeling as pretty and polished as your home will inevitably look.

And to all my clients, friends and family who have given me reason to be "Thankful" I wish you a home full of blessings!

Friday, October 21, 2016

The Color Purple is the "2017 Color of the Year"... says Benjamin Moore Paint!

This not so new color  "Shadow" combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. At first sight it's rather dark. But when used in conjunction with amber, green or white it commandingly comes to life!
The color purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic!

As seen here on the Benjamin Moore Paint deck strip above,  it's 3rd down from the deepest of purples called Carbon Copy. Used effectively in a whole room color pallet, some degree of white or a lighter shade of purple will  set off the color and make it sing.

Used most effectively with pure white! The high LRV in the white helps carry the low LRV in the purple.
LRV, or Light Reflectance Value, is a measurement commonly used by design professionals—such as architects and interior designers—that expresses the percentage of light reflected from a surface. LRVs range from 0-100, with 100 being pure white and 0 being absolute black.
Shadow 2117-30 has a LRV of 9! 9 out of 100 tells me that this will reflect very little light. So if you've a room with little natural light only use is as a "one wall" accent featured wall.
In the Bedroom, as an accent wall behind the headboard, in purple shades of pillows, lamp shades and rug.
Purple is not just for little girls rooms or the nursery room any more. It a sophisticated and dramatic color that won't blend into the background. It commands your attention and it will get it!
Again used with amber in the patterned area rug and on the back wall. Notice how the rug is right up against the purple wall so it runs seamlessly up the wall carrying the color!
It's a beautiful color....but not everyone can go this dramatic!
Like to give it a go? Call for a "Color Consultation" with Toni at Marie Antoinette Interiors
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Have a question about "Color"? Any color...just post it in the comment block below!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Restyle Your Kitchen Now

Looking to refresh your kitchen? Take a peek at
interior design magazines for a little inspiration.
New valances add pizzazz to this kitchen I restyled.
Be sure to refresh your kitchen before winter arrives!
There are many ways to add extra spice to your kitchen.
Details like lighting and window treatments transform a kitchen.
It’s officially autumn, and we’re naturally spending a lot more time indoors — even here in sunny California. As such, the kitchen is such an incredibly important gathering space in the home, and I am sure you will agree — it can get kind of boring and rather bland during the winter months.

Although you can spend a lot of money on new appliances, cabinets or flooring to switch things up this season, I suggest some easy (and not so pricey) changes to add instant allure to your kitchen.

Check out this recent kitchen restyling I did: A new valance in Robert Allen Fabric over the sink area (middle photo) added color and pizzazz. Window treatments are a fabulous way to freshen any kitchen, and new counter décor such as a small accent light, a pretty fall arrangement or new dinnerware will also add some spice to one of the most popular spaces in any home.

Consider adding new kitchen table linens, runners, placemats, cloth napkins and rings, and chair pads. And don’t forget to replace area rugs: Choose runners if you have a galley kitchen and/or a round rug under the old table to give it importance and prominence in the room.

At the same time, you can also replace the knobs on the cabinets in your kitchen to completely change the mood. New under-cabinet lighting and light fixtures on the ceiling work wonders as well.

As you can see in this photo, my client’s almond-colored cabinetry is quite beautiful. It was originally yellow oak, and the counters were tiled with large black grout lines that I replaced with granite. New valance at the window, drapery panels on the slider and long runners were put down. We painted the old yellow walls in Benjamin Moore’s Stone House, and everything elegantly came to life.

For this client, I also removed all the counter and ledge-top accessories (dusted and cleaned them) and edited out the ones that were dated. I then re-arranged the keepers to pare down clutter and make the kitchen more functional.

My client absolutely loved the restyling in her kitchen, and so did three of her neighbors. (In fact, they copied the look in their own kitchens.)

Call me today at (925) 862-9064 or email, and let me refresh, renew and revitalize your kitchen now — before the temperatures drop even further. You’ll be glad you did!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Window Treatment Sale: September Only!


This Month Only! (PLUS a free one-hour interior design consultation about your windows worth $150)

Draperies add elegance and drama to a room.
You'll see the world differently
with professional window treatments.
Valances can tie together a room. 

Now is the time to grace your home with the elegance only professionally designed and installed valances, shades and drapes can deliver.

Why wait? Get your home ready now for the holidays and all the splendid entertaining that awaits.

This is your chance to enjoy custom window treatments professionally designed in the perfect fabric and style to enhance your home and your life. With a free window treatment design consultation and 20% off your fabric (featuring our fabulous Greenhouse Fabrics and Robert Allen Fabrics lines), what reason could you possibly have for not taking advantage of this wonderful window treatment sale?

But hurry! This offer ends Sept. 30, 2016! (Valid only in the East Bay area.)

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Draperies, Valances and Shades......Oh my !

Time to save 20% on new Window Treatments

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

20% Off Window Treatments & Free Design Advise

Local interior designer gives away one free hour design advice
to talk about your window treatments!
Draperies, Valances & Shades...

Have you been waiting for an excuse to vamp up your windows?
What about putting that last little design touch to tie the room together?
 Well, we have some great news for you!
Our window treatment SALE is about to happen!
This SALE is only ONCE A YEAR and it’s happening this year through 
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 You will receive 20% OFF the beautiful fabrics needed for those new fabulous window treatments that include Draperies, Valances, and Roman Shades!

As well as a FREE one hour window treatment design consultation.

Let’s think on this for a second shall we! That’s 20% off your drape, valance & shade, BUT the real “Value” here is having a designer in your home, giving professional window treatment styling and design advice for FREE! This one hour typically cost $150.00 
Now with your FREE window treatment design consultation and 20% off your fabric (featuring our fabulous Greenhouse Fabrics among others!) what reason could you possibly have for not taking advantage of this wonderful window treatment sale?

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Devil Wears "Cerulean Blue"!

Looking for a new color to paint your walls?  Don't be scared to use COLOR!
Scared to jump in the deep end of that blue pool? It's OK, you can do it!
Thinking of blue maybe? I have the perfect blue for you!
How about “Cerulean Blue”! 
Cerulean Blue is hard to describe in words but if you remember Meryl Streep’s monologue in The Devil Wears Prada you’d likely not forget it! Here's a clip of monologue to jar your memory!

The mesmerizing Cerulean Blue can be seen in everything from drinks to gowns!

Cerulean blue is a soothing, calming color that also evokes feelings of peace and confidence. Some of the mixed attributes of light shades of turquoise can be attributed to cerulean including femininity and an association with the American Southwest. Use cerulean blue when you want to symbolize a clear, blue sky.
It is a blue that works well with white ceilings, baseboards and wood trim!  The white counter balance is perfectly suited to it.

Cerulean Blue can also be used as an accent color next to another blue like Turquoise as seen above.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Wall Decor....If Walls Could Talk

Are you trying to find just the right wall treatment? It can be tricky! Framed art, wallpaper, and hand paint murals are just a few and  can come with a hefty price tag. But what if you could add something beautiful that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? Here’s a solution for you …Wall decals! These beautiful appliqués are suitable for many room styles from modern to classic. You may have seen them for children’s rooms but check these out for grown ups!

For a large wide wall where several large pieces of art might look contrived, use a long and wide decal or appliqué at mid height. By painting the decal in a darker tone of the wall color visual interest is created in a decorative but not imposing manner. What a statement!

Can’t find just the right headboard? A wall decal can be applied to a plain surface headboard, in an accent color, adds just the right touch to an otherwise boring headboard. And if you don’t have a headboard, you can apply the decal directly to the wall instead of a headboard. What a statement!

Turn your bathroom into a real “Spa” with an architectural decorative decal elements. Look at this beautiful tub treatment, almost looks like it was carved of granite. What a statement!

So let your walls make a statement, with the limitless, easy and affordable wall decal. For more just Google Search Architectural Wall Decals or go to Trendy Wall Designs.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Florals Have Always Been In Style...

While my beautiful Lilacs, Geraniums and Wisteria are in full bloom in my garden , I’d love to bring a bit of the Spring Garden inside too. And there may be no better way to do that than to redo just one room, in a new spring color and with some flowers.
Garden themed rooms have always been popular for the stimulating color and cheery designs. Start with none other than the traditional floral print. Florals offer us a built in blueprint to create a good uplifting color scheme. More over most floral patterns have a range of shades and colors that coordinate effortlessly with a variety of solids, mini prints, plaids and stripes.

Fabric companies such as Robert Allen have made decorating easy by coordinating fabrics in books that mix and match with each other by color groupings.

If you’d love to have a garden room in your home, here are some tips on using floral patterns in the room.

• Pick florals that will coordinate with colors already in the home. If you have green carpeting, for instance a floral with pretty green leaves will do well. If you have tan carpeting or just prefer a more neutral look, some of the tea stained floral designs would be perfect.

• Try to balance your floral print pattern with the plain surfaces, on walls, floors, sheets or curtains. Most florals are beautiful but can be busy and a little can go a long way. Using plain backgrounds on these surfaces will also give you a degree of flexibility in updating your accessories from time to time.

• An easy way to create a color scheme is to choose the background color of the floral pattern for the paint color of the room. Then, look carefully at the floral to decide on the secondary and accent colors. A rule of thumb is the secondary color will be a pleasing mid-tone that may be used for carpeting, bed skirts, pillows, upholstery and trims. The third color is usually a brighter accent color. Use this color in smaller accessories, trims and accents throughout the room, pictures, vases, welting on pillows, tie backs, chair seats and the like.

• Keep the design principle of repetition to balance the look of a floral pattern. Repeat fabrics within the room so the patterns are seen throughout the room.

• A floral area rug can do wonders for that garden feeling you’re after. They add color and pattern, however make certain that their scale won’t clash with the scale of floral fabric used as the predominate one in the room. If the rug is large scale then the fabrics should be a medium or small scale floral pattern.

• Hang artwork that includes floral themes. Select mats and frames that compliment the art’s color palette.

• Replace some of the furniture with real garden furniture. Small accent tables in white iron perhaps. Also, wicker can be very comfortable when cozy floral seat cushions are added.

Need help incorporating Florals  in your decorating scheme? Call or email for a "Decorating Consultation"! or call 925.862.9064

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Toni Talk ~ 9 Ways To Transform The Staircase"!

Q: Dear Toni....I have a staircase that is just calling for some interest! I recently removed all the carpet from it because it was worn and dingy! And now it's so boring. Since it's the first thing you see upon stepping into my home through the front door, well,  it needs something. But what? I don't  need it to be expensive, I just need it to be interesting!

A: Paint it, wallpaper it, tile it, decal it, and have some fun with it! All the staircases below require LITTLE $$$ but the return on investment value is BIG! Add a little elbow grease...boom!

From Apartment Therapy by Jim Lambie
Totally fun and colorful. Love this idea for a white walled entry! Get your brush and painters masking tape and go for it!
From Pinterest
More paint this time each riser is a different gradation of Blue. Adds life to the wood trim!

From Pinterest
Now this is one of my favorites. For those book collectors amongst's how to honor the classics! This may take some time, but you could employ a student artist to get create it for you.
To see the other 6 staircase transformations......Click on over to the June issue of "ON DECORATING" !

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Each Spring new fabrics arrive in my design studio/office, and this year is no different! Here's my latest project in one of our newest fabrics from Italy! Named "BELLA REALE", well because it is!

When I saw it I just had to have it! 

We have so many new fabrics I just had to use just one of them for my latest project, my office chair! And this may inspire you to add a little something new to your home. "BELLA REALE" is a cut velvet in a polyester and viscose blend...making it perfect for upholstery or an upholstered headboard!

I've had this chair for 32 years, and this is the 3rd time I've upholstered it. I love the way the pattern is centered on the seat and back! And the shape of the scrolls are the same shape of the chair legs.

 Why the black bow you ask? I was inspired by the Kate Spade designs this year, so I added my own version of her "little black dress" accent!
Above is the layout of the 55inch wide fabric. The cut velvet is a shimmery silver, the background is a beautiful deep Turquoise. And if this weren't beautiful enough it's available in 4 more colors!


Call 925.862.9064  or email for your  FREE sample of "BELLA REALE" sent directly to you by mail!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

GIVE A GIFT, get a gift for Mother's Day

Not sure what to get Mom for Mother's Day yet? How about the gift of design?  
"Give a gift, get a gift".
For this Mother's Day special only, give your mother the gift of an hour or maybe even two if you really want to spoil her and in return, you'll receive $35 off a future purchase.
You don’t need to worry; there isn't an expiration date on this gift! 
It's what we like to call a win, win! 
You're welcome!


To order, just click on the Pay Now link to the side and pick which option is right for you.

An hour consult for mom is $150.00 and a two-hour consult is $300.00, type in the correct price so we know which option you’re choosing.

We’ll email you soon with more information after your purchase. Or feel free to contact us if you have any questions at
or 925.862.9064.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Mother's Day Gift She'll Love... a "Room Restyle"

Spoil her....she'll love it!

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. You know, that day we sometimes seem to forget about until the last minute. Well here’s your chance to be a step ahead of the game (first time for everything, right?). BUT instead of rushing off to the florist, why not get her a gift you know she’ll love! Something that last a little longer than the short life of those pricey flowers. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.
Does your mom have a room in her house that she just isn’t quite sure what to do with? Or one that she avoids or maybe even one she has just grown tired of because it hasn’t changed in the last decade or two? Well, no need to shop this year! Give your mom the gift of a Marie Antoinette Interiors Room Restyle appointment!
BEFORE the Restyle... It's looked like this for 20 years!
No one liked sitting in this room, wonder why?  

AFTER the Restyle! We the furnishings were already
in the home, we just rearranged them!
For those of you who are HGTV fans, I’m sure you’ll know what I’m talking about but for the rest of us, let me explain how it works....

1. We’ll purge the room of as many items as we can, including artwork, accessories, furniture, etc.

2. Then we establish what the focal point should be and begin arranging the large seating pieces to face that focal point.
3. Next, we rearrange the smaller furniture like coffee tables, end tables, and area rugs.
4. Following that, we'll work on repositioning the lighting in the room so that there is ample light that is placed evenly in the room.
5. We will then re-hang some or all of the art in new positions on the walls.
6. Finally, we finish by adding in only the accessories that are suited to the space.

We know that your Mother will absolutely adore this gift; I mean who wouldn’t love the chance to have a professional decorator at their fingertips? If you’re more of a visual person, take a look at some of these wonderful examples.
BEFORE the Restyle! Too many pieces of furniture, too many area rugs and
not enough lighting makes a room confusing!

AFTER the Restyle! Fewer accessories, more lighting and
a designated focal point gives balance and serenity!
We’re sure your mom has spoiled you on a number of occasions, this year, do the same for her. She’ll get that wonderful feeling of having a room that wows with its designer touch and you’ll be the new favorite child! 

Order  your "GIFT CERTIFICATES" today

by email, phone or use the "PAY NOW" button in the right column!
925 862-9064

Monday, March 21, 2016

She's Got It In Spades...Kate Spade That Is!

Oh! Kate Spade, you’re looking fabulous these days! And I’m not just referring to those oh so remarkable handbags of yours!
Via Kate Spade
Ladies, spring is in the air and you all know what that means. It’s that glorious time of year we get to make room for some of the hottest new trends by editing out the things we no longer need, otherwise known as “spring cleaning”. And after looking at the new home fashions collection by Kate Spade, I might need to “find” a little more room than usual to "get the look".
Via Pinterest
The Kate Spade brand identity is known for being elegant, feminine, and of course full of surprises (to the joyous triumph of polka dot lovers everywhere).
Via Kate Spade
Another great classic “Kate look" is the use of white on bright and clearly she didn’t disappoint. Nothing says spring like layers of gorgeous whites paired next to bold, bright colors and mixed floral patterns.

Via Pinterest
Kate’s home fashions collection has also done a wonderful job of reaching outside its norm and fused furniture pieces, fabrics, and styles together that are not only on point with our Benjamin Moore  color of the year Simply White OC-117 but also create a sophisticated, classic look that might just be able to survive through the next few “spring cleanings”.  I think we could do a great job of recreating this look, don’t you?
Via Pinterest
While we're  already doing all of this “spring cleaning”, have you noticed that maybe the bathroom could use a makeover? Perhaps one inspired by our new favorite home fashions designer? After all, Kate Spade has certainly shown us you simply can’t go wrong with a classic contrast like black and white.

Via Kate Spade
 Ok ladies, before you go through the house eliminating most everything in your path, take a look at this last bit we have for you. There are a number of excellent ways to get that “Kate” look by simply knowing what accessories to buy (the lamp and sconce), what fabrics to use (solid black and white print with a touch of pink turquoise and gold) and what color to paint those walls (Simply White). This is where I come in, we can get that classic Kate "look" in your home for much less $ and  just in time to throw that spring get together
you’ve been meaning to plan!!!
So don’t delay and call for your personal Design Accessory Consultation today!